Produced & Directed for Alan Neil.
The video chronicles a character's inner struggle against their cultural identity, to reaffirm theirpersonal identity.
As a cultural identity we work the set of beliefs, traditions, behaviors, sym- bowls, values and prides of Spanish society, emphasizing the reflection of this on the Catholic tradition.

The most characteristic of a culture is its religion, that is why we have chosen this path.

It is the mental escenary of Alan Neil's personal identity where he re-examines cultural identity, removing himself from the part he does not like, reorganizing the Christian rite, playing with his order and elements, manages to get rid of them.

Directed & Produced @kinkifactory
DOP @oriolcolomar Aux. cam y foquista @enyarodriguez 
Ayudante de dirección @imthebollocks Dir. arte @israelstonem
Estilismo @rocco_marvin Make-up @julsb.artist
Foto fija @iamluisayora Gaffer @martipluma Electrico Jordi Sanpra
Asistentes de arte @mireia.villar y @ariadnavilav Cura @aperacaula