Directed and produced for LVL1 & EasyFun💜

LVL1 & EasyFun - CO1N
We start from the concept of the relationship between the game and love that Lvl1 raises in his next album.💕
We wanted to represent a cinematographic idea🎞 of the process and experiences of love, and how Lvl1 interprets it in his head, through magic, chance, bizarre and recurring characters in his mental states.🤯


Direction and production: @guillermoaliaga & @pedrootf @kinkifactory 👨🏻‍🎨
Direction Ass: @arnaugb_📝
Creative Ass: @al.veiga
Production manager: @Adriapcuberos🧩
Production Ass: @guillemNicodemus🧩
Production Ass: @rocioPostigo🧩
DoP & edit:
@oriolcolomar 📹
Color: @ enyarodiguez 🚥
Camera Assistant / Video aux: @_junglegiu🎥
Gaffer: @joel.burges🎇
Spark: @exploringtarra
Spark: @pauum94
Steadycam: @makeitsteady🎥

Fx: @prettydios

Art director: @youngard 
Art Ass: @joanetjordan

Singer stylism:
@bluetoothgirl 🧵
Cast costume: @kvrpv🧷
Key makeup & hair: @emilioMartin 🧵
Makeup fx: @PaulaGomez 💅🏻
Makeup & Hair: @airinlion.mua & @jupiter.dragon 💁🏽‍♀️

Graphic design: @emilioMartin & @Kinkifactory

Hackerman: @kvrpv
Princess: @rakkyripper
Emilio: @emilioMartin
Cowboy: @paul_lorant
Bartender: @PabloPuig
Vampire: @al_vvvvvv
Magician: @elmagigor
Dices: @veraharlot & @romeo
Virgin Mary: @PaulaRodriguez
Poodle: @PaulaRodriguez
Charcastrology: @charcastrology
Bingo: @PepTregon

Catering: @imthebollocks & @arandapetit

Management:@KosEntertainment & @VictoriaFenoll

Thanks to: @lateral_thinking_



Contact us👨🏼‍💻📫📲
(+34) 618 21 51 45
(+34) 679 423 753

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Barcelona / Madrid