Direction for Honor 

Produced by Blua

Honor, a leading brand recognized for its dedication to innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence, takes center stage in an exciting advertisement that aims to inspire viewers to venture into a world brimming with opportunities and discoveries.

The Honor ad features an adventurous spirit using their Honor phone as their companion for exploration. Through breathtaking imagery, it showcases how the phone becomes an essential tool for capturing moments and overcoming challenges in any environment, relying on their Honor to accompany them on all their explorations.

Production: Blua
Agency: We are Social
Directed by: Pedro Triviño & Guillermo Aliaga kinkifactory 

Ex Prod: Juan Blanco
Producer: Joan Rietti
Production Manager: Andrea Arias

1st AD: Iñaki Tena
DoP: Daniel Meré
1AC: Ivi Koyck
2AC: Raúl Caso Veloso
Video Ass.: Javier Camacho
Data Wrangler: Carina Macedo
Still Photography: Brian Novak
Digital: Victor Albarez
Prd. Assist Video: Joana Navas
Prd. Assist Video: Paula Baviera
Prd. Assist Video: Nuria Armestro

MOVI Operator: Diego Comendador
Gaffer: Albert Cantallops Maresma
Spark 1: Martí Pluma
Spark 2: Borja Mata
Spark 3: Camil Bordas
Spark 4: Alex Alcocer
Spark 5: Eduard Arteaga
Runner Agency/Client: Fede Martín
Runner: Tatiana Lleida
Runner: Aroa Santisteban
Runner: María Gutierrez

Edit: Kumar
Color: Moonlight

Post: Artic
Sound: Lastcrit

Styling: Itziar de Berry
MUAH: Andrea Trenado

Art Director: Laura Folch
Art Director: Ainhoa Solé
Set Assistant:  Ferran Brull i Lleó
Set Assistant: LLuis Cubells Vidal
Set Assistant: Elttra Luigia Maria Piccorosi

Técnico GESEME: Salvador Tremp
Driver Productión +Camera : Javier Gotham
Driver Lighting: Alejandro
Catering: Cuchara de Palo

Swing Rope: Oscar Hernández
Boxe: Elisa Caballero
Desert: Ivan Luengo

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