Direction for Nude Project & 545.

On the occasion of the opening of Nude Project in Milan, Fivefourfive and Nude Project joined forces for this new collaboration.

On the occasion of this collaboration, the two CEOs of each company brought together their respective grandmothers to carry out a culinary exchange in which they could learn a typical dish from both Italy and Spain.

Client: @nudeproject &
@pedrootf @guillermoaliaga @kinkifactory 👨🏻‍🎨

Producer: @NoraCarbonell 
Aux.Prod: @OriolNovella

Filmaker: @FerranUreña
Spark: @CarlesCros
Gaffer: @NicolauÀlvarez

Art Direction: @AndreaGarcía 
MUAH: @AlbaMoya
Stylist: @FerIzagui 

Sound: @IgnasiPuigdollers
Edit: @GuillermoChaia


Content Creator: @RogerCostello
E-Commerce: @BeaLeoz 

@Andreu Tenor
@Alèxia Roca

@Luca Santeramo
@Bruno Casanovas

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