Written, directed & produced for Rakky Ripper 🤷🏼‍♀️💖

“Whatever” is about the typical relationship in which one of the two people is more in love than the other and refuses to admit it because he is afraid 😱 to accept it. Even though there are many suitors on Rakky's waiting list 📝 but she is just waiting for the other person to make up her mind. 💏

The story takes place during a day at Rakky's house🏡. It begins by showing that she is in love with a guy 💑. During the day, she doesn’t stop seeing him 👀 in different situations as the postman 💌, the neighbour, the gardener 🌳, the pizza man 🍕, etc. This makes her wonder if she is losing her mind having hallucinations 🤯, or if actually what he is seeing is the real one. In the end, we raised a plot twist where it is revealed that the boy was getting dressed 🎭 as other people to get closer to her. It is a love story in which both of them are in love with each other but nobody takes the first step to meet each other.😪

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Direction @kinkifactory
Music @rakkyripper
Music Producer
DOP @oriolcolomar
Editor @cristianop5
Camera AF & Color grading @enyarodriguez
Gaffer @yonkihadicta
Production @xufernandez
Production Ass @effys9 & @sebaszanahoria 
Camera Support & Making of @com____pass @mrcgarrido & @sergi.cuadrado 
Still Photography @iamluisayora 
Art direction @ldedolores
Art Ass @maryleranch & @juliasobron


Fashion director @uriolo
1st fashion ass @zazjovanovic
2nd fashion ass @p0lvi
Makeup and Hair artist
Makeup & Hair ass @tirizia.l
Nails @beautyholenails
Credits @al.veiga

Starring:@rakkyripper @kevinorozcobedoya @hhell_en @aguanievess @mims.canela @valentinacarles @p0lvi
Thanks to: @casamiramiranda @espetekkk

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