Designed and produced for Shadows🖤

Identity and conceptualization of a new sub-brand of Karont, a brand based on a neo-cyber-medieval universe, based on darkness and fantasy.

Starting from the first release, we created a pop-up experience in the form of a video game. The objective of the game is to collect each piece of clothing on each of the platforms...👾

To enjoy the total experience here.

Shadows is a modern and timeless clothing line that is inspired by urban fashion and street culture, as well as the world of role-playing games and online RPG games.

Writted by: @karont_ 📝
Designed & Produced:
@karont_ & @kinkifactory 👨🏻‍🎨
Creative Development: @pedrotrivinofabro, @guillermoaliaga,  @elmovildepedrito @al.veiga 📝
Programmer: @elmovildepedrito 🧩
Concept Art: @karont_,@kinkifactory@elmovildepedrito 🧩
Editorial 3D Charachters: @wettybop
Sound Design & Music: @novalue4u 🪄

Contact us👨🏼‍💻📫📲
(+34) 618 21 51 45
(+34) 679 423 753

📍Locate on 
Barcelona / Madrid