Written, directed & produced for Ssstufff Label.
A fashion film about the STF 2020 Collection.❤️

We wanted to represent one day in Ssstufff supermarket 🛒. Since the store opens until it closes where the clothes and the pop-up are displayed.  ⚒ Each character represents the personality of the garment they wear.  🎭 

Featured in Highsnobiety see full article 🖱 and Nss Magazine see full article🖱

Directed by @guillermoaliaga & @elvis.krespo
DOP & Editor @oriolcolomar Camera AF & Color @enyarodriguez
FX @prettydios Steadycam @harosteadi
Still Photography @faketopia
🥂Gaffer @marti_pluma Electric @jordisanpra 

Art direction @jepipej & Us
Stylism @ariadnafernandez & @imthebollocks MUAH @bertaurge_bum
Music @chicoblancochicoblanco🌞
Prod. sound mix @thevikingboarder29

Contact us👨🏼‍💻📫📲 lakinkifactory@gmail.com
(+34) 618 21 51 45
(+34) 679 423 753

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Barcelona / Madrid