Direction for SsangYong 🛻

Produced by Bosalay
Creativity Padre Group

Ssangyong is a South Korean vehicle brand that specializes in the production of SUVs and off-road vehicles. It is one of the most recognized brands in the truck sector.

In this piece we compare the power of one of the best players in the Spanish soccer league, Fernando Torres, with a new all-terrain model from Ssangyong ¨Torres¨. In an ironic but at the same time epic way, since they share the same name.

Production: Bosalay
Agency: PadreGroup
Directed by: Pedro Triviño & Guillermo Aliaga kinkifactory 

Ex Prod: Pablo Zorrilla
Ex Prod: Felipe Salas

1st AD: Felipe Salas
2nd AD: Aitana Rodríguez
DoP: Yosef Daoud 
1AC: Isma Fernández
2AC: Sergio Neira
T Video: Adan Comesaña
Steady: Álvaro Carla
Steady Ass: Wolfgang Bürmanm
DIT: Jose Ochando
Gaffer:  Luisito Kw

Head of prod: BipoDeBlas
Prod: Javi Estruch
Prod: Laura Goiko
Prod: Jaime Fernández

Edit: Guillermo A. Chaia
Color: Edu Aranda

Post: Daniel Sánchez-Herrera Dorado
Sound: The lobby Sound

Styling: Oscar guimarey
Styling Ass: Cintia

Dir. Art: Andrea Gandarillas
Ay. Arte: Paula Kosoi
Atrezzo:  Luis Ducasse

Car Care: Jose Luis

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